Swivelfly office

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office

Each office space is unique. So it goes that each office installation is unique with it’s own qualities and challenges. Setting up an office can be a difficult and arduous task, and this is where an experienced team makes the positive difference. Swivelfly strives to make each installation as painless as possible. Our team is here to […]

Hot Desking

Hot Desking

Hot desking is the newest trend in workspace utilization, and we at Swivelfly think it’s a great idea. With so much of today’s office space being under-utilized, hot desking is the answer to the question of how do companies reduce their second highest expenditure: office space? Also, as a bonus, hot desking provides ample options for improved collaboration. […]

Learn What is Furniture as a Service

What is Furniture as a Service?

If we told you furniture isn’t an asset, it’s more of a liability, would you agree? Furniture depreciates in value almost immediately after you purchase it. If you paid $100,000 to set up your office today, then turned around tomorrow to re-sell that furniture—completely clean of any wear and tear—the most you would get is $10,000. That’s a […]