Sit-to-Stand Desk Information

User Guide and Troubleshooting

Each Swivelfly sit-to-stand desk has a digital control panel with buttons that allow you to move the desktop up or down, and to create four (4) height presets. This page contains following information about the control panel, how to use it, and what to do in case something is not working correctly:

  • Control Panel
  • Waking Up the Control Panel
  • Saving a Height to a Preset Button
  • Changing a Preset
  • Clearing All Presets
  • Changing the Desktop Height
  • Troubleshooting

Control Panel

Desktop Control Panel
Control Panel for Sit-to-Stand Desks

Waking Up the Control Panel

After a few seconds, the display goes into power saving mode.

  • Press any button to turn the display on.

Setting a Memory Position Button

The memory position buttons allow you to adjust the desktop to one of 4 heights at the push of a button. Save heights that are appropriate for sitting and standing.

To save a height:

  1. Use the Up or Down button to adjust the desktop to the height you want to store.
    The current height appears in the display. You can adjust the desktop height from 24 to 50 inches.
  2. Press the memory setting button, M, on the control panel.
    An “S–” appears in the display.
  3. Press 1, 2, 3 or 4 memory position button.
    The current position is saved to the selected button. Note: If you don’t press one of the memory position buttons within 5 seconds, memory setting mode automatically turns off.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each remaining preset button.

Changing a Memory Position Button

  • To change any memory position button, repeat the steps listed in “Setting a Memory Position Button.”

Resetting the Control Panel

  • To reset the control panel, simultaneously press both the Up and Down buttons.
    The desk height and all of the memory position buttons return to the factory default settings. 

Changing the Desktop Height

  • Press one of the memory position buttons until the desktop finishes moving.
    To stop the movement of the table, press another button.


  • Press and hold the Up or Down button to the desired height.


Problem Check Solution
Desktop is not moving or intermittently stops moving Is the power cable connected to the main power supply with correct voltage? Connect plug to main power supply to make sure the voltage is ok. If not, test the power supply. For example, connect a lamp and see if it turns on. If power is not available, call an electrician.
 Are there any loose connection? Check all connections. Make sure that all plugs are inserted correctly in the control box and to the columns.
Are any of the columns or cables defective? Reset the control panel and run a bit upwards. If a column will not run upwards after resetting, it is defective
Is there any visible damages on cables, columns, or control panel? Damaged parts must be exchanged. Contact Swivelfly.
Desktop only moves down Is the desktop at its highest position? When the desktop has reached the maximum height, it can only run downwards.
Is the desktop overloaded? Remove some of the load and try moving the desktop up again. If it doesn’t move up, follow the steps in the next solution.
If it is not overloaded, does it still only move down? Press and hold the Down button until the desktop reaches its lowest position. Trying moving the desktop up again. If it doesn’t move up, reset the control panel.