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The best products delivered quickly and affordably to your workspace

For over 25 years, we’ve assisted folks in creating their best workspaces. We’ve also purchased office furniture for our own business ventures. That’s a lot of desks, chairs and accessories that we’ve handled. We’ve seen it all: the good, the bad and the ugly. The Swivelfly mission is to leverage our experience and expertise to simplify how you acquire office furniture.

Introducing Furniture as a Service

Gone are the stacks of catalogs with confusing descriptions, the complicated product dependencies and expensive contracts. Furniture as a Service (FaaS) is today’s solution: it simplifies the selection process and offers you the best office furniture affordably. And by best, we mean highly functional, attractive, and comfortable. FaaS is the Keep It Simple Solution and a KISS takes the sting out of creating your workspace.


Let’s start with the desks. This sit-to-stand model that allows you to remain comfortable throughout your entire work day. There are many medical studies pointing out the biomechanical and physiological issues associated with prolonged periods of sitting. Help avoid them with this desk. Push one of the four user-specified height settings and the work top raises or lowers smoothly and quietly. If you want a corner desk we have that too. These desks have five work surface options to customize the look: four laminates or a wood butcher block.


Swivelfly Office Furniture - sit-to-stand desks

Swivelfly assistant - Swivelbot


If you’re going to sit, then you need a comfortable, durable, and reliable task chair. One of these two chairs is right for you. Why two choices? Personal preference really. Some folks who run a little hot—body temperature wise—prefer mesh fabric chairs. It’ll help them maintain their cool. Others like solid fabric. Both ergonomic chairs provide all-day comfort.


Power management options include the power beam and power box. Not only does it keep things visually neat and tidy, it keeps cables safely away from feet and moving work surfaces.


The add ons in the workspace aren’t essential, but they make a workspace function optimally. The two-drawer pedestal provides the right amount of storage in today’s paperless world. A few files and personal items can be stowed away securely, and the padded top does double duty as guest seating. There are three fabric color options. Privacy screens minimize direct line-of-sight distractions and offer a place to tack up a picture or two. Three fabric color options coordinate with the two-drawer pedestal. Single- and dual-monitor arms position monitors whichever way you need them.

With these FaaS products, you can create a workspace that works for almost everyone. Build your workspace today.

Swivelfly Office Furniture - two-drawer pedestal with cushion