Power Options

Power is important in many different circumstances. Whether you are running for office, a super hero, going from zero to highway speeds or charging your electronics power is essential. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to cease some in your office. Power never felt so good.

Power Box

 Power Box_Crop

The power cable has super powers (or electrical powers). Not only does it look sleek, but it has 2 electrical outlets, 2 USB ports and a voice/data port. What more could you ask for?

Specs: Power Box v2 with 2 electrical, 2 USB outlets , and 1 blank for a voice/data port in glossy white. Edge mount with 72" power cord.

Power Beam

Power beam option for Swivelfly Joox and Grantham workstations

Who likes the way electrical cords look? We sure don’t; but until you can wirelessly charge and power your gadgets, these beams will have to do. One beam can power up to two adjacent (back-to-back) workstations. See the image below for a demonstration of hidden cords.

Specs: Freestanding power/data management module for seamless integration with height-adjustable tables. Includes 3-circuit/5-wire electrical.