As A  Service

“As a Service” In the Office Space

These days everything comes in a subscription or “As A Service” form. We joke about it at our company because of how prevalent it is becoming; “Dog as a Service” or “Eggs as a Service” are the next big things, mark my words! Why are subscriptions taking over business models across all industries? With technology […]

Swivelfly office

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office

Each office space is unique. So it goes that each office installation is unique with it’s own qualities and challenges. Setting up an office can be a difficult and arduous task, and this is where an experienced team makes the positive difference. Swivelfly strives to make each installation as painless as possible. Our team is here to […]

Sophiebird Office

Rent, Buy or Swivelfly?

When you’re looking to furnish your office place, there are three options: rent, buy or Swivelfly. You may be familiar with renting or buying office furniture, but do you know how they measure up to each other or to Swivelfly? To help you determine which option best suits your company’s needs, this post provides the […]

DIY vs White Glove

DIY vs White Glove

If you select our BASE plan you will have the option to choose to DIY or have our team deliver it through a White Glove Service. What is the difference between DIY vs White Glove services? It’s a completely normal to question, what are we missing when it comes to considering DIYing your own office […]