Workspace Add Ons

Add ons are the icing on the cake: not really necessary, but really nice to have. For information about the power management products, see Power Options.


Two-Drawer Pedestal

Mobile PED, Platinum + Varsity Blue Cushion1_crop

You most likely no longer keep tons of paper at your desk so you don't need as much storage. This rolling ped, however, is your Mary Poppins bag for work. It can hold snacks, running shoes, office supplies, doggie bowls, safety kits… essentially an endless list of items. Not only is it a container of all things work, it can also seat your guests for collaborative work, which is all the rage these days.

Specs: Mobile box/file pedestal has fabric cushion top and comes with pencil tray, box drawer divider, and file hanger. Fabric in 3 color options. Features include anti-tip counter weight, locking castors, and removal lock. 23"D x 15"W.


Fabric Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

Open floor plans can occasionally make it difficult to work, we understand. How will you focus with your colleagues playing Candy Crush right across from you? Where will you tack your pictures of your loved ones for inspiration when it's in short supply? Our Privacy Screen will solve all of you problems…a couple of them at least.

Specs: Acoustical and tackable fabric screen comes with clips for easy adjustability. Fabric in 3 color options.


Single Monitor Arm

The possibilities are endless with this monitor arm. You can move  your screen around every which way, simply because you can.

Specs: Articulating single monitor arm with integrated cable management. Arm can hold up to 18.5 lbs and 28" monitor. Clamps onto worksurface with adjustment tension knob.

Dual Monitor Arm

Need to work in stereo? This add on lets you create a panorama of visual display.

Specs: Articulating dual monitor arms with integrated cable management. Each arm can hold up to 18.5 lbs and 28" monitor. Clamps onto worksurface with adjustment tension knob.

Metal Screen 

Side screen_resize

Don’t let your co-workers copy your tests. These slide on screens will add just a little more privacy when you have your head down and just need to focus before your end of the day happy hour drinks. 

Specs: Slide-on side screen in white metal finish. Used for 30"-deep worksurfaces.