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“As a Service” In the Office Space

These days everything comes in a subscription or “As A Service” form. We joke about it at our company because of how prevalent it is becoming; “Dog as a Service” or “Eggs as a Service” are the next big things, mark my words! Why are subscriptions taking over business models across all industries? With technology booming as rapidly as it is, these days it is far easier to pay a monthly fee and you can avoid the commitment and upgrade as products improve.  (With technology changing as rapidly as it is, business owners are finding it far easier and friendlier to their bottomline to pay a monthly fee for the products and services they need to make their businesses run!)

  • Coffee – Companies like Craft Coffee and many others are providing coffee as a subscription, what’s better than setting it and forgetting it when it comes to your employee’s productivity. Not to mention your employee’s get discounts for their homes too. 
  • Phone services – We are so happy for Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, every other year we have to watch patiently as others have the newest technology while we wait for our two year contracts to end. Never will we be behind on the newest phone again. (OR look into BYD and monthly stipends) 
  • Productivity Tools – Paying for upgrades for programs like Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office can get pricy. It’s also easy to misplace and lose track of your downloads. Now you can know exactly how many seats you have and always have access to the newest changes. 
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools – CRMs are always making improvements and adjustments to their platform. If you just had everything on your computer you wouldn’t be privy to these upgrades.
  • Plants – This one is perfect for any one who enjoys having some greenery in the office but lacks a green thumb. Companies like Ambius will bring in plants and make sure they stay healthy and green, just like you want them.
  • Data Storage – Companies like Dropbox and Box are immensely helpful when trying to have accessible files across teams. Gone are the days of filing cabinets. For a monthly fee you can have space on the internet that make it easy to share and organize documents.
  • Transportation – As we work to make our carbon footprint smaller, many people use public transportation or bikes to get to and from work. This doesn’t mean that you don’t occasionally need a car to get to and from client meetings. Options like ZipCar can provide the car you need as you need it. 
  • Music – As we move away from being able to buy songs individually, we are able to have access to most any tune at our fingertips for a small monthly price through services like Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music. Now your employees can fight over exactly what song to play over the speakers.
  • Office Space – Looking for office spaces to fit your needs is easier than ever with companies like LiquidSpace and WeWork.
  • Furniture – With Swivelfly you can get quality furniture for the duration of your lease at an affordable price that is always the current trends.

Can you think of any other services that are helpful in your office space that we may have missed?

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