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Setting Up a Swivelfly Office

Each office space is unique. So it goes that each office installation is unique with it’s own qualities and challenges. Setting up an office can be a difficult and arduous task, and this is where an experienced team makes the positive difference. Swivelfly strives to make each installation as painless as possible. Our team is here to help you—from the start—set up your office and make it the place your employees can be creativity and productivity.

In this post, we are sharing one of our most recent installations. You can see some of the steps we take from arrival to completion. First step, protect the walkways and any other surfaces from possible damage.

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office - Prep
Prep work before installation begins

Next, products are unpacked and moved into the appropriate area. Conference and break rooms are the quickest to come together. Here are the chairs for a 4-person conference room.

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office - Unboxing
Unboxing and unwrapping chairs

This room’s ready for meetings!

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office
Completed 4-person Majorie conference room

The sit-to-stand desks require more work: assembling frames, attaching worksurfaces, and, in the case of our Sophiebird benching-style desk, installing the electrical and communications wiring into the integrated power beam. This next image shows the desk frames ready for the worksurfaces.

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office - Desk Assembly
Frame assembly for Sophiebird desks

Sophiebird desks are available with 5 worksurface options including a wood butcher-block top. This company choose the teak laminate.

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office - Wiring
Worksurfaces installed

After the tops are attached, the cables for electricity and communications are run and secured, and power boxes are attached.

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office - More Wiring
Running cables is easier to install for sit-to-stand desk

Our Sophiebird desk has an integrated power beam that keeps electrical and communication lines clear from feet and moving desk worksurfaces. This customer opted for the desktop power box for easy-to-reach power and communication outlets.

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office - Wiring Close Up
Closer view of the integrated power beam open for cable installation

The final reveal. Assembled and wired sit-to-stand desks with chairs, 2-drawer storage pedestals, privacy screens, and power boxes. The employees are going to be thrilled.

Setting Up a Swivelfly Office - Completion
Completed Sophiebird Office for 8

The foundation for Swivelfly Furniture as a Service is service. If you have questions about our products, subscription plans, and installation services, please contact us. We’re here to help your create a great workspace quickly and affordably.


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