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Rent, Buy or Swivelfly?

When you’re looking to furnish your office place, there are three options: rent, buy or Swivelfly. You may be familiar with renting or buying office furniture, but do you know how they measure up to each other or to Swivelfly? To help you determine which option best suits your company’s needs, this post provides the pros and cons for each option based on a few key factors: the real estate term of your office space, your financial planning philosophy, and your company’s style/brand.


Office furniture rentals are priced as a low-commitment, short-term solution. It works well for companies that need furnishings quickly and temporarily.


  • Ideal for short-term lease (12 months or less).
  • Low upfront costs so more money in the bank to invest in staffing or development.
  • Fast delivery, easy change out, no commitment to keeping the furniture.


  • Pricing is designed for the rental companies to recoup the asset cost quickly. The total cost of ownership for an item is often much higher than buying the item outright.
  • Limited, dated furniture options.


Buying office furniture is optimized for known and fixed growth, for companies that own their real estate or have long-term leases (8+ years), and for companies with an established aesthetic program.


  • Total control of assets.
  • No ongoing payments and deduction may be amortized.
  • For large orders (100+ items), unique or specialized customization.


  • Responsible for moving, storage, maintenance and repair costs.
  • Large, significant upfront cost; little discounting for small quantities; and possible property and sales tax liability.
  • Lengthy sales cycle, slow to deliver, and stuck with the trend purchased.


Swivelfly Furniture as a Service is an alternative to renting or buying office furniture, and has subscription plans for companies leasing office space from 1 to 8 years.


  • Subscription options for 1-to-8-year real estate leases.
  • Low start-up cost and better TCO than renting or buying.
  • Discounting based on subscription duration and not unit quantity. Higher quality furniture than would normally available through renting or low-quantity buying.
  • On-trend furnishings, online configuration and subscription set up, and most products delivered within 3 weeks.


  • Subscription plans are not cost effective for real estate leases less than 12 months or greater than 8 years.
  • No buy-out option currently.

Bottomline, a Swivelfly subscription plan provides better office furniture for people who think renting is the only option they can afford, and it is also a better option for people who think buying is the only way to get on-trend furniture affordably and quickly. So give Swivelfly a try.




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