DIY vs White Glove

DIY vs White Glove

If you select our BASE plan you will have the option to choose to DIY or have our team deliver it through a White Glove Service. What is the difference between DIY vs White Glove services? It’s a completely normal to question, what are we missing when it comes to considering DIYing your own office furniture? We have all set up furniture in our homes before and are typically successful:

There are many things to think about and it’s a little overwhelming so we have broken it down for your easy viewing. Brace yourself:

  • Planning 
    • Scheduling delivery times with your property manager
      • Elevator
      • Security
    • Ensuring you have protection
      • Floors
      • Walls
    • Delivery times (during regular hours or after hours
      • There is typically a 3 hour time limit to unload the truck; you become subject to additional charges by the trucking company if this limit is exceeded.
  • Logistics
    • Is there a dock or is this a street delivery?
      • If there is a dock will it accept a trailer?
      • If unloading on the street, does your city require a permit?
    • Scheduling and coordinating manpower
    • Material handling equipment
      • Panel carts
      • Dollies
      • Pallet-jack
    • Freight claims
      • Receiver is required to file all freight claims: pictures, documenting the bill of lading (BOL), description of damage and part number etc.
      • Freight claims must be done within 10 days.
      • All salvage and packaging must be retained by the customer or end user until notice by the manufacturer for up to 60 days
  • Installation
    • Manpower
    • Knowledge of ADA requirements – Local, state and federal
    • Installation knowledge
      • It isn’t rocket science, however, a professional installer can probably save you over 50% of the time you would put into it and do it right the first time.
    • Worker’s compensation considerations
    • Removal of Packaging
      • Well packaged product = Lots of packaging to dispose of. 
      • Often times this will incur an additional cost for you. –Debris for an entire office worth of furniture is much more than you would imagine.

These are all costs associated with white glove services. Every office installation has many variables to consider, planning that takes place and coordination that makes it successful.

You might say “Just show up at nine o’clock” not realizing all the additional effort and implications required.

Paying for the White Glove service is much more cost effective than having your engineering and marketing teams running around bumping into each other in this very unique team building project; it’s usually, minimally, a little crazy and more often a lesson learning experience. 

Bottom line when it come to DIY vs White Glove? If you opt for DIY be prepared for lots of unknowns and extra organization. We are happy to offer the option for you because we know what it is like to need to save pennies where possible. That being said, our recommendation is to have professionals handle it for you, and we have done our best to ensure that our White Glove service provides you this at the best rate available.

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