What is Swivefly

What is Swivelfly?

“What is Swivelfly?” you ask. Swivelfly is the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs who have also been involved in the office furnishing industry for many years; and as serial entrepreneurs we have been in the shoes of anyone with a new idea, and a budget.

Being in the industry for a while, we have seen people burn a hole in their pockets trying to buy brand new furniture without the future in mind, only to reevaluate their decisions’ scalability as their workforce grew.

We have seen clients frustrated with the limited traditional options: the costly option to buy new furniture or the ugly option to rent. Swivelfly aims to bridge this gap by providing Furniture as a Service (FaaS), a subscription-based service for office furniture.

As a startup the last thing you want to do is invest money in something with low return, like office furniture. But you also don’t want to a stagnant workspace—an on-trend workspace is key to hiring today’s talent. 

With a Swivelfly furniture subscription not only can you keep your workspace fresh and inspiring, there are no large upfront costs and you can add furniture as you need to. This means you put more dollars toward hiring.

It is also worth noting that Swivelfly doesn’t use volume discounting that traditional office furniture companies use. This means a small company can get the same great pricing on 15 tables that a larger company can get on 300 tables. Swivelfly discounts based on units of time. The longer the subscription, the lower the monthly cost.

In conclusion, to answer the question “What is Swivelfly?”, Swivelfly is your opportunity to furnish your office with low upfront costs and to keep your office space fresh and on trend.

Check out our free app to see what we offer and build you workspace here.

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