Learn What is Furniture as a Service

What is Furniture as a Service?

If we told you furniture isn’t an asset, it’s more of a liability, would you agree? Furniture depreciates in value almost immediately after you purchase it. If you paid $100,000 to set up your office today, then turned around tomorrow to re-sell that furniture—completely clean of any wear and tear—the most you would get is $10,000. That’s a loss of 90%! If you follow this traditional furnishing model, you’re dumping a lot of money upfront to set up an office with something that isn’t a very good investment.

So, what is Furniture as a Service? The Swivelfly Furniture as a Service, FasS, is based on subscription models you’re already familiar with, e.g., software as a service and cloud computing. These services limit large upfront costs and the need to replace outdated assets every few years. It’s the same with FaaS. Swivelfly gives you easy in and out options with your office furniture. Growing with you, at your pace.

With Swivelfly FaaS, you get the same high-quality office furniture without worry or inconvenience:

  • NO high upfront costs
  • NO hours spent meeting workspace designers
  • NO trying to match the furniture as your grow
  • NO need to get rid of it when you are done

Instead of using all of your cash up front, you pay over time and pay for the furniture you actually use. You get the lowest price for that usage and, as a bonus, you will know exactly how much it is going to cost per head as you grow.

Now that you are no longer wondering what is FaaS, check out the Swivelfly app today!

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