Creation of Swivelfly

The Creation of Swivelfly and How it Became the First Company to Offer Furniture as a Service

There was such a collision of different things that led up to the creation of Swivelfly. One of the biggest things that frustrated me about the furniture industry is how antiquated it is. There is an analogy I love to refer to: “Do we still go to the tailor to get our clothes made?”

Initially, everyone went to the tailor and had their clothing made, then we birthed the department store. Next came boutique and specialty stores. And most currently, everyone finds ease in shopping online. This evolution process never happened for the furniture industry, we are still in the same stage we were so many years ago.

We were really asking how we can adapt the way consumers interact with the process. How can we interact with consumers’ experience to match with that of what they are accustom to with other processes? We started thinking about Software as a Service, how much sense it makes, and how furniture is similar. It really boiled down to the distribution model for the customer. We wanted to provide the customer a faster, easier, more familiar way to furnish their work space.

Thus, came the Swivelfly solution: Furniture as a Service or FaaS.

~Bruce Paul

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